armenian lavash

Armenian National bread Lavash

You have probably heard about lavash, traditional Armenian bread, which is an important part of the Armenian table. Lavash is not just bread, it’s part of history and culture, and it has its own legend. A king named Aram that ruled in Armenia, was captured by the Assyrian king Nosor. For an honest victory over King […]

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Armenian Traditional Jewelry

Armenians were engaged in jewelry art long before other nations began to live in stone houses. Armenians who settled the Armenian Highlands began to mine gold and silver in 2000 BC. Following the extraction of precious metals, Armenians began to engage in jewelry art, and this became one of the most important branches of applied […]

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World invention Armenians

Not many of us know that the world’s most famous authors of inventions were Armenians. And these words are proved. Look around, maybe the things you see are invented by Armenian scientists. Hovhannes Adamyan – the inventor of color television Thanks to the Armenian electrical engineer Hovhannes Adamyan today we can enjoy the colorful pictures […]

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Local Beer in Armenia

It is well known that in Armenia ancient civilization was engaged in winemaking, but not many of you may know that alongside with winemaking Armenians produced drink from barley and wheat. This tradition originated before our era, and continues to this day. Today multiple brands of beer in Armenia that are popular not only in the […]

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Online taxi services in Yerevan

Yerevan is a modern city, where tourists feel quite comfortable. It has all the necessary services that are needed for a comfortable stay. Transportation in Yerevan works smoothly and it concerns both urban and intercity public transport, taxi services and car rental services at competitive conditions. In the past few years the sphere of online services, […]

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Neighbouring countries of Armenia

Armenia is older that its neighbors. On the territory of the Armenian civilization originated before our era. There is a hypothesis that the first pro-armenian tribes were the same ancient Indo-European tribes. Armenian history is full of blood and losses. At all times, Armenia was a desired piece for neighbors who every now and then became invaders. […]

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Fast Food in Armenian

In the capital of Armenia, Yerevan, life flaws just like in all big cities. In the morning, people rush to work, during the lunch time the city lives with a new rhythm while in the evening the rhythm gets slower. Of course, everything is spiced with characteristic Armenian features. Today we are going to introduce you […]

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Made in Armenia

Every year the production of Armenian goods in Armenia has increased, the latter are popular not only in the country but also abroad. If you thought that Armenia only produces wine and brandy, we present you the best Armenian products that are worth your attention. Armenian carpets The carpet in an Armenian house is not just […]

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Secrets and Treasures of Echmiadzin

Echmiadzin, the spiritual center of Armenia, is the most important and the key center in the history and culture of the country. The main cathedral of Echmiadzin is a work of art, that attracts with its architectural value, and of course, with rich history. Moreover, Echmiadzin hides secrets and treasures that are truly priceless. Many […]

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gyms in yerevan

Fitness centers in Yerevan

Yerevan is a modern European city, where tourists can find all the necessary services for a comfortable and unforgettable vacation. We have already talked about the hotels, restaurants, clubs, spa centers and important services in Yerevan, it is high time to talk about the most popular gyms in Yerevan. Orange Fitness Address: Tsitsernakaberd highway 7/1 […]

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