armenian national clothing

Armenian National Clothing

Each nation has its values and national clothing is one of the values and an integral part of the history of the nation. Armenia, as one of the most ancient countries with a rich history has its own traditional clothing. Moreover, each province had its own unique style of clothing with distinctive embroidery and details. […]

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Armenian National Music

You have heard Armenian songs for sure. Of course the music that now is called the Armenian music, has nothing to do with Armenian folk music, and if you really want to learn about the Armenian folk music, we suggest you to start with its history, as well as names that had key roles in the development […]

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5 Greatest Armenian Artists

Armenia gave birth to so many talented people and it is not as important whether they lived in their native land or not: you can take an Armenian from Armenia, but you can never take away Armenia from the Armenian. Creative people can describe their feelings toward their homeland in the best way, the artist conveys […]

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holidays shopping

Holiday shopping in Yerevan

Just like in every city, Yerevan is all about holiday rush. In December, the city is transformed; you can feel holiday mood all around, the city is beautifully decorated and gets ready for the New Year. Of course, the most interesting and pleasant moment is holiday shopping. If you are visiting Yerevan during the holidays, you […]

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Tsaghkadzor resort

The prices of winter vacation in Armenia

Soon the season of winter holidays in Armenia will be open, and it’s time to learn the average price of winter vacation in Armenia. Armenia is a relatively inexpensive country. The prices for services are significantly lower than in Europe. In winter, the number of tourists in country is twice as higher: the prices in […]

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Thermal Springs in Armenia

The territory of Armenia is rich in mineral and thermal springs. Resort cities annually attract hundreds of thousands of tourists who come to improve health or just to enjoy the wonders of nature. Winter is coming and it’s time to talk about the hot springs in Armenia. On the territory of Armenia there are counted about 700 thermal springs, but […]

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Zvartnots temple

Zvartnots – Ancient Armenian temple

Armenia was a pagan country before the adoption of Christianity. Rich culture and unique architecture of the pagan country, unfortunately, was completely destroyed by order of King Trdat, in order to erase the old belief and lead people to the true belief. There are left pieces of the pagan Armenian architectural monuments, one of them is […]

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Armenian Musical Instruments

Music is an important  part of the culture. Armenia as one of the most ancient countries with rich history has a rich cultural heritage, including folk music. Armenian folk music is the face of the people, and musical instruments are weapons for people to fight against the merger. Armenian music became world-famous thanks to the velvety sound of […]

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Tour of the month; Yerevan – Echmiadzin

This time we’ll take a tour to the religious center of Echmiadzin in Armenia. The road passes through the ancient city with monuments survived millennia. Our journey starts from Yerevan, the oldest city, which, in spite of its modern look it keeps its ancient history. The road to the west leads to Echmiadzin. Route to Echmiadzin is […]

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Famous People Museums in Yerevan

The rich Armenian culture is difficult to explore in a week, but you can be one step closer to the culture by visiting museums. We have already talked about the national museums in Yerevan, but the museums of Armenian writers, artists and great people who are known far beyond the country are no less interesting. Museum of Martiros […]

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