Made in Armenia

Made in Armenia

Every year the production of Armenian goods in Armenia has increased, the latter are popular not only in the country but also abroad. If you thought that Armenia only produces wine and brandy, we present you the best Armenian products that are worth your attention.

Armenian carpets


The carpet in an Armenian house is not just a piece of decoration, it is a national treasure with a rich history. The tradition of decorating the walls with carpets began even before Christ. At those times each pattern on the carpet was a unique symbol and told a whole new story. Despite the fact that the technology of carpet weavingis has developed and it is now possible to produce carpets mechanically, Armenia still maintains the tradition of weaving carpets by hand.

The great variety astonishes and it is impossible to find two carpets with identical patterns. Unique carpet compliments the house and gives it a special luxury.

There are several carpet manufacturers in Armenia, but “Megerian Carpet” is a name known not only in Armenia but also abroad. The company is one of the most famous in the field of light industry, which not only produces unique Armenian carpets, but also keeps the ancient tradition of weaving. Check out detailed information about the producer on the official website.

Armenian Brandy


Armenian brandy has all the rights to be called one of the best brandies in the world. In fact, Armenian brandy is the only one that has gained the right to be called cognac (except the French). The name and the quality speaks for itself.

Of all local goods cognac has the largest amount of export covering almost the whole world. There are several large factories for the production of cognac in Armenia, which are known in the market, and they all represent Armenia at its best. When visiting Yerevan it is worth to visit Yerevan Brandy Factory and taste alcoholic beverages of the brand Ararat and follow the process of production of the legendary Armenian brandy.

Armenian Wine


According to archaeological researches, the first production of wine roots from Armenia. Of course this fact left a mark in the history of Armenia and the Armenian people.

Wine tour in the largest plants of Armenia and the major wine producing cities is one of the most popular type of tourism in Armenia, especially at harvest time. One of the most favorite festivals of Armenians and guests is the annual Wine Festival that is held during the harvest.

Nowadays it is quite popular in Yerevan to spend time at wineries enjoying music and sipping fine Armenian wine. Here you can try wine types such as Noir, Rkatsiteli, Pinot Noir, Cabernet, Aligote, etc. Detailed information about wine tours in Armenia check here.

Armenian Smartphone


Recently, the first and much awaited Armenian smartphone “ArmPhone” has been presented in Armenia. The brand motto is “It’s time for Armenian goods” and the company has no doubt that ArmPhone will become one of the best sellers in the country in the nearest future.

After studying the market trends and requirements the company offered a line of five smartphones. The first model runs on Android 6.0 OS, has a 5.1 inch screen and eight cores. This smartphone can completely satisfy the needs of the average buyer. Prices for all models are very affordable. The first model costs about $ 200, a reasonable price for this quality. Of course the brand is looking forward to enter the global market, but so far ArmPhone is available only in Armenia.

Armenian Chocolate

grand-candyIn a country where cocoa does not grow, delicious and natural chocolate is produced. One of the largest companies “Grant Holding” presents its products at the local market not for the first time. Grant Holding includes several companies like Grant Tobacco and International Masis Tabak, and, of course, oh-so-popular Grand Candy.

Grant Candy has a huge selection of confectionery, ice cream and coffee. Chocolate products are made of natural cocoa beans. The taste of real chocolate can be felt by tasting the Grand Candy dark chocolate.

Armenian Cigarettes


Armenian cigarettes have been popular not only in Armenia but also in the CIS for a long time. The quality of Armenian cigarettes can compete with imported tobacco while the variety of Armenian cigarettes is quite impressive and can satisfy any customer. Currently there are three companies producing cigarettes in Armenia which are Cigaronne, Grant Tobacco and Masis Tabak.

In the price category Cigaronne offers the higher price range, but it is the most popular brand despite the price.

This is just a small part goods produced in Armenia. Producers and consumers tend to buy local products thus developing the country’s economy. This trend is clearly expressed among the youth. The propaganda to buy clothes by the Armenian designers with national patterns and details is especially popular in social networks.