World invention Armenians

World invention Armenians

Not many of us know that the world’s most famous authors of inventions were Armenians. And these words are proved. Look around, maybe the things you see are invented by Armenian scientists.

AdamianHovhannes Adamyan – the inventor of color television

Thanks to the Armenian electrical engineer Hovhannes Adamyan today we can enjoy the colorful pictures on TV. Hovhannes Adamyan was the first who introduced the world to color TV in 1908. At that time, the “color” television has only two colors, red and white, later he built a three-color television.


Christopher Ter – Serobyan – paint inventor

The inventor of the paint sounds ambiguous, but it is not a simple paint. Christopher Ter-Serobyan was the one invented the green paint of US dollars, nobody could ever fake. This was a real discovery, which made life easier for the whole country. Invited from Istanbul Armenian chemist Christopher Ter-Serobian invented the unique composition of the paint. Banknote turned green because green dye was already purchased and it was used as a material. For his invention the chemist got reward of $ 6,000.

artashes-haykanyanArtashes Haykanyan – the inventor of the straw

Few of us think about the one invented the straw sipping juice or cocktail. Corrugated straw was the invention of the Armenian scientist Artashes Haykanyana. Corrugated straw is the most popular thing found in everyday life, but the scientist is the author of several scientific inventions, which are also part of everyday life (sun strip for car frontal windows, plastic containers, machinery for manufacturing plastic bottles of Coca-Cola, etc).

gabriel-kazantchyanGabriel Ghazanchian – inventor drying hair

The author of another device that have become the part of our lives, was created by Armenian scientist Gabriel Ghazanchyan. In 1908, scientists have invented a prototype of the modern hair dryer. Of course at that time hair dryer was huge, but it was the first step to a more comfortable life.

rosa-&-sargis-colombosyanRose and Sarkis Kolombosyan – inventors of yogurt

Kolombosyans are authors of the first yogurt, which appeared in the United States, in Massachusetts. Company «Colombo & Sons Creamery» introduced a completely new unknown product which was prepared from a special ferment “matsun”. Useful properties of yogurt were medically proved in 1960 that became a the most important moment for the the company. Once a family business has grown into a world-renowned product.

luther-georgeLuther George Simidzhyan – ATM inventor

The invention of the ATM, which facilitates our lives and saves time, belong to the inventor with Armenian roots. Luther George Simidzhyan was author of more than 200 inventions that have been patented.

These are just a few examples of how scientists make life easier for their ingenious inventions. We would like to present you a few more names of Armenian scientists and their inventions that are quite interesting.

Artem Mikoyan – the aircraft designer, who invented and built fighter aircraft MiG-1 and MiG-3, MiG-19, MiG-21 and MiG-23.

Avedis Zilchiyan – the founder of the first factory for the production of plates with unique musical sonority Zildjian Cymbal Co in the United States.

Oscar Banker – the author of automatic transmission of a vehicle.

Alexander Manukyan – invented waffle for ice cream.

Varazdat Kazandjian – held the first plastic surgery and became its founder.

Ruben Ekserdzhyan – the inventor of the anti-aircraft guns.

Zhirayr Telese – invented the hair implantation method.

Emik Avagyan – invented a wheelchair controlled by hands.