Local Beer in Armenia

Local Beer in Armenia

It is well known that in Armenia ancient civilization was engaged in winemaking, but not many of you may know that alongside with winemaking Armenians produced drink from barley and wheat. This tradition originated before our era, and continues to this day. Today multiple brands of beer in Armenia that are popular not only in the local market but also in the CIS countries, Europe and the United States. You have definitely tasted Armenian beer and now we are going to introduce you with his Armenian beer and its history.

The first mention of beer has been described in the doctrine of “Anabasis” by ancient historian Xenophon in the 5th century BC. The historian said that Armenian ate meat, drank wine and alcoholic drink made from wheat. It was prepared from wheat, barley, rice or maize. Grain was kept in the water, then it was milled and left to ferment. Beer was produced and kept in large clay pots, the reeds in them were used to drink beer. Strong drink had bright color, slight bitter taste and dark color.

Armenia still keeps its brewing traditions.  Each brewery company has its own secrets, so every brand is unique in its own way. The high quality of beer is provided by special technology and mountain water, which is considered one of the most delicious and pure. Let’s find out which are the most popular breweries in Armenia.

Kilikia Beer


We can say for sure that tKilikia is he most popular beer abroad. Each year, the export of Armenian beer is increases puting the Armenian production at a high international level.

Yerevan brewery was opened in 1952 and from the very first day to the present day the production operates smoothly producing high quality beer. The brewery produces 12 types of beer; Cilicia, Kilikia Light, Cilicia in 1952, Hayer, Youth Cilicia, Kilikia Celebratory, Kilikie Jubilee, Kilikia Elite, Dark and Zhigulyovskoe. Kilikia beer is characterized by a bitter taste, and the real lovers of beer will sureely like that inhances taste.

Kilikia Beer received awards at international exhibitions confirming the high quality. Still, the best proof for its quality is the taste of Kilikia Beer. Kilikia beer can be compared and put on a par with leading brands.

Kotayk Beer


The second most popular beer in Armenia, which is also exported is Kotayk. Abovyan brewery was opened in 1977 with the support of Czech experts. Today, thanks to new technologies, modern equipment and professional specialists brewery produces beer Erebuni, Erebuni 14, Kotayk Chani, Kotayk Dark, Kotayk Gold and Kotayk Lager.

All the types of Kotayk beer have strong taste of hops except Kotayk Gold, which has a mild flavor and a golden color. It is ideal for the lovers of light beer.

Beer Festival in Yerevan

For the third year beer festival takes place in Yerevan, and it has already become one of the best traditions. Like any other festival, beer festival attracts huge number of tourists. Local “Oktoberfest” is held in Yerevan, in the heart of the city on the Swan Lake. All the local beer producers are taking part in the festival. Guests can try beer, crayfish, and traditional snacks for beer. Of course, the festival wouldn’t be so fun without traiditional dances and music.

Beer gardens and patio in Yerevan

Beer Academy


Address: Moskovyan st8, Yeverav

Phone: + 374 60 504504

One of the most popular pubs in Yerevan is Beer Academy that offers guests to taste 5 beers. Beer is produces on the spot. The types of beer produced are classic wheat, ginger, organic beer and etc. In summer days you can enjoy a beer on the open terrace.



Address: Aram st 72/37, Yerevan

Phone: +374 91 400286

Dargett pub is first in Yerevan that offers more than 15 types of beer that are brewed on the spot, in a small brewery. A chip of this institution is that you are offered “samplers” of all types of beer that you can try and then choose the one you liked.



Address: Tumanyan st3, Yerevan

Phone: +374 10 519977

Hacker-Pschorr Grill House is popular not only because they offer the most delicious beer, but also because because it offers the best beer snacks. Grill house is located in the city center (at Cascade), and attracts great number of tourists.

Karloff Czech Restaurant


Address: Moskovyan st 31, Yerevan

Phone: +374 10 539780

The restaurant prepares its own beer with soft and at the same time rich in taste. The atmosphere, delicious food and friendly service made the restaurant one of the most popular places to drink beer in the city.