Where to taste best Coffee in Yerevan

Where to taste best Coffee in Yerevan

For coffee addicts, Yerevan is an ideal place; coffee for Armenians is more than an invigorating drink. This is a whole ceremony: friends and family do love to gather and discuss business or just talk with a cup of coffee. No wonder why there are so many cosy coffee shops in Yerevan. If you are also a coffee addict and you want to taste good coffee in Yerevan, we suggest you to visit one of these coffee shops in Yerevan.

Malocco Cafe


Kitchen: Continental 

Address: Tumanyan st 40, Tamanyan st 1, Yerevan

Phone: +374 99 53 13 27, +374 96 53 13 27

Working hours: 10:00-00:00

Malocco is not just a place to have a cup of coffee, it’s one of the coziest cafes in the city center that takes you to another century. Vintage interior and soothing music is tuned to a positive. In the menu you will find a great variety of coffee starting with a classic espresso and ending with branded coffee from Malocco. In addition, here you can taste delicious dishes of continental cuisine and spend an evening with a glass of wine.

Segafredo Zanetti Espresso Yerevan


Kitchen: Continental 

Address: Amiryan st 3/37, North Avenue 1/5, Yerevan

Phone: +374 94 53 98 90, +374 93 54 52 06, +374 77 56 60 16

Working hours: 08:30-02:00

If you are familiar with Café Segafredo, you will certainly enjoy the idea of spending time in Segafredo Zanetti Espresso Yerevan. This is definitely the best place for true connoisseurs of coffee. The atmosphere, professional service, and, of course, unique coffee make Segafredo one of the most popular coffee shops in Yerevan.


coffeestory yerevan

Kitchen: European, Continental

Address: Nalbandyan st 98/9, Yerevan

Phone: +374 11 44 00 00

Working hours: 10:00 – 0:00

There is nothing better than a cup of hot coffee in one of the city’s most beautiful cafes. Coffeestory is a story in one cup, and each story is unique. The interior of the cafe is completed with interesting inscriptions that will take your attention while the barista makes the best coffee for you.

Impresso Coffee Shop


Kitchen: Italian

Address: Vardanqn st 5a, Yerevan

Phone: +374 60 75 07 50

Working hours: 08:00-00:00

A real Italian espresso is the most popular one in the Impresso Coffee Shop. The cafe opened recently, but has already managed to become popular among the coffeelovers. Every day a pleasant surprise is waiting for visitors like discounts and a new dish of the day.

Coffeeshop Company Yerevan


Kitchen: Austrian, European, Snack menu

Address: Amiryan st 4/5,  Yerevan

Phone: + 374 11 26 33 33, + 374 99 26 33 33, +374 11 27 33 33

Working hours: 08:30 – 02:00

Coffeeshop is part of the Coffeeshop Company brand in Yerevan, which managed to gain popularity across Europe and has already become one of the most beloved places in Yerevan. Professional barista, with the secrets of making the best coffee, will certainly surprise you.

Do you love tea? Coffeeshop has a separate line “Art of tea”, where you can enjoy unique tea species, as well as buy a favorite variety.

Coffeeshop is a place where you can have lunch and hold a business meeting with a cup of the best coffee in the city.



Kitchen: Continental 

Address: Tumanyan st 35/30, Abovyan st 18, Teryan st 83, Yerevan

Phone:+374 10 53 20 48

Coffee served in a vintage jezve is one of the Jazzve cafe chips. In fact, the cafe was one of the first in the city, which presented the coffee house in a new format. Jazz, good coffee, nice atmosphere immediately pleased the locals and guests. Today, the cafe already has three branches, one of which is a non-smoking area (a branch on Isahakyan st).

Caffe Vergnano


Kitchen: Italian

Address: Hin Yerivantsi 2, Yerevan

Phone: +374 98 53 25 33

Working hours: 08:30-24:00

Another branch of the well-known coffee house opened in Yerevan a couple of years ago and immediately became part of the city. Cafe Vergnano with more than a hundred years of history has its own traditions, that are kept in all branches and Vergnano Yerevan is not an exception. Simple and at the same time cozy interior of the cafe is ideal for business meetings as well as for a romantic evening.

The whole menu consists of Italian dishes, which are prepared exclusively from Italian ingredients. What about coffee? The variety of coffee in Caffe Vergnano is amazing. It will take time to choose from such a great variety.