Waterfalls in Armenia

Waterfalls in Armenia

The diversity of nature of Armenia is suprises with its beauty: there are mountains with dense forests, rivers, clear lakes, waterfalls and bright sun. We would like to present you the most beautiful waterfalls in Armenia that should be definitely included in the list of sights and visited during your trip to Armenia.



Kasakh waterfall is located in the village of Hovanavank, right in front of the medieval monastery of Hovanavank, Aragatsotn region. It is the highest waterfall in Armenia (70 meters high) and it is located on the Kasakh River. The waterfall, breaking into numerous lines, falls into a deep gorge: it is a spectacle that is definitely worth seeing. While visiting Kasakh waterfall, make sure to visit the monastery of Hovanavank, which is an integral part of Armenian history and culture.



The Jermuk waterfall is the most popular and beautiful one in Armenia. The waterfall is located near the resort town of Jermuk (173 km). The height of the waterfall is 68 meters (the waterfall is the second largest one after Kasakh waterfall). The waterfall is located on the southern slope of the Vardenis ridge, at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level.

Jermuk is rich in mineral springs, the chemical composition of which is unique. Mineral waters have healing properties. The water of the Jermuk waterfall is also mineralized and has useful properties. In ancient times people believed the waterfall was magical and had healing properties. Believe it or not, it’s up to you, but the natural beauty of the waterfall takes you  to another reality for a minute.




The waterfall is located between the two regions Chirak and Lori. The height of the waterfall is 23 meters. The name of the waterfall has an interesting history. The river Chichkhan, from which the waterfall originated, was rich in ishkhan (trout). As is known, during spawning, Ishkhan floats against the current, jumping out of the water. Local people, seeing how the fish jumps from the water, called the waterfall Trchkan (translated as jumping). Despite its small height, Trchkan is the first high-water waterfalls in Armenia.

The Trchkan waterfall is registered as a natural monument and is protected in a special way. In winter, the waterfall freezes partly forming a unique natural beauty. Because of its beauty, the waterfall is also called the “Ice Queen”.



The waterfall is located to the north of Sisian, in Syunik region that is the most beautiful one in Armenia. The Shaki waterfall is formed from the Shaki River, which falls from a deep gorge. The height of the waterfall is 18 meters. Despite the small height, the waterfall has a huge capacity. The area is unique not only with a waterfall, a deep gorge and rock niches, but also deep grottoes where traces of the most ancient settlements are still preserved. The road to the waterfall is hardly accessible, the road ends close to the waterfall. You can get to the waterfall only on a SUV, which can be rented in Yerevan.