Yerevan City and SAS Supermarkets’ Chain in Armenia

Yerevan City and SAS Supermarkets’ Chain in Armenia

There are two large supermarkets in Armenia SAS and Yerevan City; here you can buy everything you need from food to agricultural goods. Today we will try to figure out which one is most suitable for tourists and what are the difference between them.

Yerevan City Supermarket Chain

“Yerevan City” supermarket chain was founded in 2007. The main principles of the supermarket are a high quality service, a variety of proposals, affordable price and flexible system of promotions and discounts.


“Yerevan City” supermarket is known for a wide range of own foodstuff. Due to the vast territory the supermarket includes numerous sections, each of them has their own products made right before the customers.

  • Cakes and Pastries

yerevan supermarket

  • French bread, pastries

yerevan supermarketsyerevan supermarkets

  • Hot dishes and salads

  • Khinkali, dumplings, pizza


All the supermarkets of “Yerevan City” chain have tonratun, where you can choose desired type of meat, and ask to make barbecue. Within minutes, the professional workers of “Yerevan City” will prepare a delicious Armenian BBQ from pork, lamb, rabbit, chicken, turkey, quail, trout, rudd as well as from pangasius, sturgeon, mushrooms, beef heart or liver. You can also try famous kupaty in “Yerevan City”.

hot dishes in Yerevan City


If for some reason you do not have time to go to the supermarket and buy your favorite dish, you can call and order whatever you want. “Yerevan City” provides 24-hours delivery service throughout the city. Check out the phone numbers of delivery service.


From the list of Tonratuns you can find the closest one in location and call the number listed above. The operators will answer you both in Russian and English.


In “Yerevan City” supermarkets tourists can buy sushi “Yoko sushi”, made by Japanese chefs.


“Yoko Sushi” offers a wide range of rolls with eel, salmon and avocado, tuna and eel. The price of rolls range from 600 to 3,500 drams for 5-8 pieces (about 1 euro to 7 euros). Prices are relatively low compared to the sushi bars of Armenia.

Discounts and promotions

In “Yerevan City” supermarkets there are no mounted prices. On the contrary, they have constantly changing, flexible pricing system. The prices are relatively low for food. It comes from a wide selection of brand categories; from cheap to expensive products. Here you  can find products of local producers and imported brands.

“Yerevan City” regularly offers to customers various raffles and promotions. Tourists can take part in “Price of the Day”, “Half Price”, “Exclusive Price”, “At Cost” and “Promo” actions. Every day supermarket has surprises for its customers.

During holidays, the “Yerevan City” organizes draw, during which visitors can win a trip to Dubai, Egypt, or a brand new car.

Locations of Supermarkets

Armenia has 14 supermarkets of “Yerevan City”, located in different parts of the city. Check out the addresses  of supermarkets below. To get to the supermarket, you can rent a car in Yerevan. “Yerevan City” supermarket  works 24/7.

Yerevan City

 SAS Supermarket Chain

The first round-the-clock supermarket opened in 1997 in Yerevan. In SAS supermarkets tourists can find more than 30 thousand items of various products, including baby food, alcoholic and soft drinks from the well-known manufacturers, fish and seafood, exotic fruits, meat, natural products for skin care and more. The company cooperates with many world famous manufacturing companies.


The first online supermarket in Armenia

SAS became the first supermarket, providing round the clock customer service for delivery. You can always make an order by  +37410 53-88-88 phone number, and your order will be delivered to you.


You can also visit the first online supermarket in Armenia,, where you can enjoy all products available in SAS supermarket; you can find anything with just a few mouse clicks.

You can pay for the purchase not only online, but also when the order is delivered to your place; it can be cash or a payment card.

Food in SAS online supermarket

SAS supermarket has a wide range of ready dishes cooked in the supermarket.

  • Salads


  • Shaurma “Club”

  • Pickles

SAS supermarkets

Special products

SAS supermarket also has special products for diabetics; cholesterol-free, gluten-free and organic products.

SAS Sweet

SAS supermarket  is also known for its cakes and pastries sold in all SAS supermarkets as well as online.

SAS Home

SAS Home store offers new products from leading manufacturers from all over the world, more than 3000 names of the goods: computers, glassware, jewelery and accessories, stationery, garden – horticultural supplies, perfumes and souvenirs. Experienced sales consultants will help you make the right choice. You can find the complete list of SAS Home Products with prices or check them on the wibsite


SAS supermarket offers tourists a wide range of flower bouquets to order online and get them delivered.

Locations of SAS Supermarkets

There are 7 supermarkets of SAS in Yerevan, located at 18 Mashtots ave. Str. Tumanyan 31, pr. Bagramyan 85, Komitas ave. 52, str. 35 Isahakyan Str. Kajaznuni 20/1 Street. Kievyan 1A. To get there tourists can rent a car in Yerevan, or use public transport.


So, unconditionally, the two major supermarket chains occupy a leading position for the citizens. However, they have a significant difference in goods and prices.

Today “Yerevan City” offers the lowest prices on products of local  food producers, while SAS supermarket provides the low price for foreign products. This can be seen by comparing the prices of two supermarkets for dairy products. For example, in the Yerevan City Armenian milk produced be local “Kovik” and “Mariana” costs 380 drams (73 cents), in SAS supermarket – the first one costs 390s dram (75 cents), the second one 420 dram (80 cents).

 “Ashtarak” Armenian brand’s sour cream costs 510 dram (98 cents) in Yerevan City while in SAS it costs, in the 550 drams (€ 1 and 5 cents). Mazzoni of the same company in Yerevan City costs 300 drams (57 cents), in SAS supermarket the price is 330 drams (63 cents). Th prices of eggs in the second supermarket are higher by 50 drams (10 cents). This is due to the specifics of supermarkets (the first one is focused on the local produces while the other one is more about imported goods).

Regarding quality of service, both supermarkets provide high quality service; both of them offer their customers a free parking, luggage storage and shopping cart. However, tourists should be careful with the payment at the cash register in Yerevan City supermarket, because the computer crashes often problems, and the bill is counted wrong. But even if you have noticed a mistake later on, Yerevan City supermarket managers will quickly solve your problem. If you have bought a spoiled product, go back to the supermarket, ask for the manager and he will give your money back or change items.

Both supermarkets have a flexible system of discounts that allow consumers to make the most profitable purchase and accumulate bonuses on individual cards.

In both supermarkets experienced Russian and English speaking consultants help you find desired product. Do not forget that SAS supermarket has online store where you can make an order and get it delivered.

Author: Laura Balayan

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