Tour of the month: Sevan – Dilijan – Ijevan

Tour of the month: Sevan – Dilijan – Ijevan

Trip to Armenia is so entertaining; the roads are colorful, each town and district has its own color. This time we are going on a fascinating journey through the cities of Sevan, Dilijan and Ijevan. For a more comfortable journey we recommend to rent a SUV so that you won’t have any problem with the difficulties on the road.

We hold way to Lake Sevan. Distance from Yerevan to Sevan is 70 km. The road leads to the north, the climate is radically different from the climate in Yerevan, so do not forget to take warm clothes with you. On the way to the lake you will see a 16 – meter monument Vahagn –  a three-headed dragon of red tuff. On the way to Sevan You will drive the two large cities of Abovyan and Hrazdan and finally you will see the pearl of Armenia.

sevan lake
Lake Sevan

Lake Sevan is the biggest mountainous freshwater lake in the territory of the CIS. The lake covers an area of 1416 square meters. km, is located at an altitude of 1916 m above sea level. Sevan is surrounded by mountains that are reflected in the blue lake. The first thing you should do upon arrival at the lake, is to take a boat to see closer the beauty of Sevan. Next, go for a walk along the banks of the lake. In the north-western shore of the peninsula there is a medieval monastery of Sevan, which once was a cultural and educational center. On the west coast there is another monastery Ayravank 8th century  and the Bronze Age fortress. After a day of sightseeing it is a perfect time to head to one of the local restaurants and enjoy delicious trout bbq. For more information about Sevan read here.


Next stop is the city of Dilijan. The road leads to the north-west from Lake Sevan and the Sevan Pass begins, followed by a descent passes to Dilijan. Climate changes dramatically, it becomes softer and more moist. The road is very beautiful; view of the mountains, clean cool air behind the lake, and front of you.

Dilijan can be considered the most beautiful city in Armenia. Nature really was a very generous to Dilijan coloring it with dense forests, fertile land, diverse landscape and mineral springs. Dilijan is located on both banks of Aghstev river, 100 km from Yerevan, at an altitude of 1500 m above sea level. The city center and “Old Town” is located on the right bank. It recreates the architecture of the old town; wooden doors and windows with clippings and attic.

Lake Parz

After walking around the city and enjoying the beauty of nature go straight to Dilijan reserve, which has preserved the virgin beauty of nature. Within the reserve, 15 km from Dilijan is Parz lake, clear lake, whose waters reflect all the colors of forests. To the east of the lake, walking along the forest path you will reach the village of Gosh and Goshavank monastery complex built in the 12th century.
Next stop is Haghartsin Monastery (10-13c.). The monastery complex is one of the most beautiful and famous monasteries of Armenia.

One can endlessly enjoy the beauty of Dilijan and historical attractions, but there is yet another city waiting for us. (For more information about Dilijan read here).


To the north-east of Dilijan, on the left bank of Agstev river there is Ijevan city. Ijevan is also located on both banks of Agstev river, 142 km from Yerevan. Nature of Ijevan no less beautiful: the city is surrounded by mountains covered by dense forests.

ijevan wine factory
Ijevan Wine Factory

Before reaching Ijevan visit “Ijevan Wine Factory”. This is one of the largest producers of wine in Armenia. The factory produces unique wines and champagne, which have become popular far beyond the country. You will have a unique opportunity to see the factory store, and of course taste the best wines of Ijevan Wine Factory.


At 10 km from Ijevan, in the village Achajur there is Makaravank monastery of 10th century with an ancient church Astvatsatsin built of green stone and dark pink andesite.

The most interesting and beautiful place in this area is Lastiver cave. Natural complex is a 2-hour drive from Ijevan. In the caves there are found traces of ancient settlements, which are perfectly preserved to our days (For more details about the caves Lastiver read here).

lastiver caves
Lastiver Caves

Our journey has come to an end. Save the memory of the bright journey in photos and make sure to come back here one day.