Tour of the Month; Garni – Geghard

Tour of the Month; Garni – Geghard

Armenia is a small country, so it is quite easy to to organize a tour about the major cities and attractions in Armenia. If you are planning your trip to Armenia with a professional tour operator, they will definitely offer you interesting tours that include the most beautiful cities of Armenia. You can also create your own route, and we will be your guide. In order to travel about the country with comfort you’d better rent a car in Yerevan. SUV is the best option for travel in Armenia; many attractions don’t have proper road. This month’s best tour is Garni – Gegard. There are so many interesting things and historical sites waitng on this way so don’t waste your tme to catch up the best moments.

Our journey starts from Yerevan and takes us to the south-east of the country, to Abovyan region. The road is quite entertaining; the road will passes and Geghama ridge won’t make you feel bored (which is why you should take the SUV).


First stop is Charents Arch (Arch dedicated to the poet Yeghishe Charents) in Voghjaberd village. Arch is on the right side of the cliff, with a breathtaking view of Mount Ararat. If the weather is clear, don’t miss your chance to enjoy the majesty of Mount Ararat.


Next stop is the pagan temple of Garni in the valley Garni, at distance of 30 km from Yerevan. The pagan temple was built by the Romans in 76 BC in honor of the God of Sun. The temple was built in the Greek style, and is the only living witness of the Hellenistic period in Armenia. Temple, the ruins of an ancient fortress and royal baths are located on the edge of the Garni gorge, which offers breathtaking views of the mountains and the “Symphony of Stones”.

Garni, Geghart, Armenia

Это уникальный природный монумент, который образовался от потухшей лавы. Симметрические камни напоминают музыкальный инструмент орган.


There is a special parking space on te territory of Garni temple. Here you can leave your car and enjoy attractions. There are also souvenir shops and small shops where you can taste the local delicacies; sudjukh, sour lavash and dried fruits.


After investigating Garni temple and enjoying the view of the gorge you can now move on. In the northeast, up the gorge, at a distance of 7 km from the Garni there is one of the most important monasteries in Armenia, Geghard (detailed information about the monastery can be found here). The road is quite difficult, so be very careful, and do not exceed the speed limit. Geghard Monastery is located in the valley and is completely surrounded by steep cliffs. During holidays and weekends  it is difficult to find a parking space on the territory of the monastery, so you may have to leave the car away from the entrance and go down on foot.


The monastery is quite large and includes the chapel of Gregory the Illuminator (12c), part of which is carved into the rock, the main temple Katoghike, cave church Astvatsatsin, tomb, cave cells and etc. Do not hurry and carefully investgate everything; go up to the caves on the stairs, touch the ancient khachkars and figures carved in the rock, carefully inspect the walls of the church: you will hardly have another such chance to touch the living history. By the way, Gegard is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

After you have thoroughly investigated the monastery, go down to the entrance. You will see tables with souvenirs and local sweets. Be sure to try gata, dried fruit, sour lavash and sudjukh. Everything looks very atractive.


Your journey is almost at an end. After leaving the monastery, you will find an interesting Armenian restaurant on the left of the road. The best thing about the restaurant is that it is built right over the canyon, sundecks go down down into the gorge to the river, and you can choose the floor to dine. Everything is extremally tasty and beautiful. What about the gorge? Well, you should see it yourself.

After such a wonderful tour around attractions you are back to Yerevan, where ou can leave the car and enjoy Yerevan night.

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