TOP-3 Restaurant-Taverns of Armenian National Cuisine

TOP-3 Restaurant-Taverns of Armenian National Cuisine

The national cuisine of any country is an indispensable part of the culture and indicates the preferences formed over centuries. Today we present you the top 3 restaurant- taverns of Armenian cuisine, where you can not only taste of Armenian dishes, but also listen to the traditional Armenian music.

TOP- 1 “Yerevan Tavern”

“Yerevan Tavern” – a small chain of restaurants. The distinguishing feature of this restaurant is high quality and variety of food, friendly staff and an attractive interior. In “Yerevan Tavern” you can organize business meetings, different events and celebrate unforgettable family holidays.



“Yerevan Tavern” offers truly traditional Armenian dishes and the best masterpieces of Caucasian cuisine, characterized by sophistication, diversity and unique taste. The “Yerevan Tavern” always uses fresh and high quality products.

“Yerevan Tavern” Menu

The average bill per person is 5,000 – 10,000 drams (10 – 20 euros).

Cold Food:




Main Dishes:

Traditional Oven:

Traditional Oven

Fish Main Dishes:

“Yerevan Tavern’s” Advantages

VIP-zone, Cabins, Show program, Tandir, Non-smoking room, Wi Fi, Parking, Live music.





How to get there:

To get to the “Yerevan Tavern” located on the street Paronyan, you can take public transport N8 and N39 from Komitas Avenue. To another restaurant located on Amiryan Street, you can take the bus N62. You can also rent a car in Yerevan and get anywhere you need. All restaurants of “Yerevan Tavern” have a free parking. Working hours of restaurants are 09:00 to 00:00. You can also book tables by calling one of the phone numbers presented above.


Top-2 “Caucasus Tavern”

“Tavern Caucasus” has 8 halls: for Armenian, Georgian and Eastern, wine cellar, eastern wine cellar, and two cool cave rooms with a small waterfall and creeks. The restaurant can host about 200 guests.

  • Armenian Halls


  • Georgian Hall


  • Eastern Hall


  • Cellar

  • Eastern Wine Cellar


  • Cave



In “Caucasus” tavern are presented both Armenian and Georgian traditional dishes. Interior design and furniture meet the traditional national flavor and recreate XIX – XX centuries’ lifestyle. “Caucasus” tavern dishes are made according to traditional recipes of the Caucasian cuisine, Armenian and Georgian master cooks using only fresh meat of local production, as well as Armenian and Georgian high-quality food and spices.


The average bill per person starts from 500 drams up to 5,000 drams (1 – 10 euros).

  • Barbecue

Tavern Caucasus


  • Armenian Dishes

Armenian dishes


  • Fish



  • Hot Dishes

hot dishes


  • Caucasian Cuisine

Caucasian cuisine


The Advantages of “Caucasus Tavern”

The restaurant has a small shop where you can buy souvenirs of tavern: salt shaker, tableware, pitchers. Every day, from 8pm in the Eastern Room “Maran” Sayat Nova, Givani, Sherami and other folk artists’ songs are presented by Armenian national musical instruments – kamancha, duduk, drum beats. Tavern “Caucasus” also has free parking and Wifi.

On the official website of the tavern “Caucasus” the tourists have the opportunity to view the whole territory of the restaurant. With a few clicks you can get a full view of the “Caucasus” and decide for yourself, in which room to book a table.



Tavern “Caucasus” is located at Hanrapetutyan street 82. To get there you can take public transport (bus) №49 and №13. However, in the first case, you have to get off on Khanjyan street, in the second case you need to gett off on Sayat-Nova street. It will take about 3 minutes to get to the tavern. To book a table in the desired room you can call by +374 98 56 11 77 phone. The staff speaks fluent Russian and English. If you have rented a car, you can park it in front of “Caucasus”. Tavern “Caucasus” is open for visitors around the clock.


TOP-3  “Dolmama” Restaurant

“Dolmama” restaurant opened in 1998. The name of the restaurant comes from the words “dolma” and “mother.” Dolma is a minced meat (beef, lamb) with rice and different spices of your choice and wrapped in grape leaves. The task of the restaurant is to revive and give a special sound to Armenian cuisine.



“Dolmama” restaurant offers wide range of Armenian dishes. Still, all of them are prepared with a special and unique recipes. The most popular dish is dolma. Hosts make dolma from chopped fillet with rosemary and chilli, which makes the dish more spicy and delicious.


“Dolmama” Restaurants Menu

In “Dolmama” the average bill per person ranges from 8,000 drams to 15,000 drams (15 – 29 euros) or 20,000 drams to 30,000 drams (38 – 57 euros). You can find more information below:





Dolmama menu


Ресторан “Долмама” предлагает также туристам особенное меню для тестирования:

Armenian cuisine


“Dolmama” restaurant offers more than 50 species of wines; Armenian, Italian, Spanish, French, Argentinian, Austrelian and etc. 


Advantages of “Dolmama” Restaurant

One of the advantages of the restaurant is a flexible system of discounts and promotions. Restaurant offers pleasant surprises for tourists on all holidays and makes every effort to organize unforgettable moments. Take a look at promotions offered by “Dolmama”.


Следить за новостями ресторана вы можете на официальной их странице в социальной сети “Фейсбук” Dolmama – Armenia’s Restaurant.

Контактная информация:

Ресторан “Долмама” находится на улице имени Пушкина 10, куда можно приехать с проспекта Комитаса на маршрутке № 4, № 76, № 24, от метро “Дружба” на маршрутке № 46.  Так или иначе, вам придется спуститься на остановке улицы имени Маштоца и пройтись пешком до ресторана. Вы можете также взять в прокат машину в Ереване и доехать самим. Ресторан открыт для туристов с 11:00 до 23:30.

Book a table by calling (+374 10) 561354, (+374 10) 568931 or you can book a table online here.

online reservation

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