Summer Activities in Armenia

extreme tourism in armenia

Summer Activities in Armenia

Attention, all the fans of extreme and active summer holidays are invited to Armenia to take part in extreme tours. Summer adventure tourism season is open and you can already get an unforgettable experience and adrenaline. We present you the most interesting places and types of active tourism in Armenia for an unforgettable experience in your life.

Over the past 2 years Yell extreme park has become one of the most popular places for fans to “fly.” The park is located in Yenokavan village, Tavush region (one of the most beautiful areas of the country with dense forests and mountains). Yell extreme park offers the first and only zipline in Armenia. For two years, the local extreme athletes test their strength on the steep zipline in the country.
What is zipline?
Zipline is a descent on a steel rope in the air, using special devices. Ropes are stretched between two points. For more extreme there are selected higher points (like the two banks of the gorge). Previously zipline and cable car was used for the delivery of goods and people from one point to another, where it was not possible to use ground transportation. Now zipline carries purely entertaining role for both youth and adults.

Zipline in Yell extreme park has 3 cable lines 268, 135 and 375 meters. The height of lines is about 200-300 meters and an average flight speed is 5 m/s. There are age restrictions; on pallets teens from 14 year old are permitted with minimum height of 150 cm and maximum weight of 100 kg. After the opening of the park every week there are organized special events for visitors. News about promotions and events are constantly added to the official Facebook page of the park, where you can follow the latest news and get detailed information about ziplayne.

The park is run by professionals that fully provide for your safety. All you need is to be brave and ready for a surge of adrenaline.


Once you have checked your courage on zipline, continue your trip and take a small trip to Lastiver. This is one of the most picturesque places in Armenia with natural caves, waterfalls and dense forest. The complex of caves is located 3 km from the village Yenokavan. The narrow path leads to the caves with a steep cliff on one side. This is another extreme hike for thrill-seekers. Lastiver caves still preserve traces of inhabitants of caves in the Mesolithic period. The first steps of the architectural skills are noticed in these caves. The walls of the caves are more polished and flat.

For more information about the caves of Lastiver and other caves in Armenia read here.

Recently there was held Basejumping Festival in Tatev, which brought together the craziest people. Base jumpers from 8 countries, 60 participants jumped from a height of 320 meters and made a crazy flight to Vorotan Gorge. Base jumpers flew out of the cabin of the longest ropeway “Wings of Tatev”.
Basejumping is relatively new kind of extreme sport in Armenia, which, however, starts getting more popular. More and more thrill-seeking tourists arrive to conquer this height. Flying “without wings” has given rise to another type of extreme tourism in Armenia, and as a real extreme lover, you ought to try this height.

extreme tourism
Paragliding is relatively old type of extreme sport that is very popular among the local extreme lovers. The climate is ideal for flights. Perfect season for flights starts from the late spring and lasts until the end of September. The best places for paragliding is Atis Mountain (1890m), Aparan (2450m) and the village Tsovagyugh (2300m). Places are selected very carefully taking into account the climatic features and beautiful landscapes for a more attractive flight.

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