Mobile Communications in Armenia


Mobile Communications in Armenia

operators in armenia

There are 3 mobile operators in Armenia; “ArmenTel” (Beeline), VivaCell-MTS and Orange Armenia (France Telecom’s daughter). Each provides its tarifs for international calls. but let’s find out which one is more suitable for tourists




VivaCell-MTS Mobile Communications Operator

For the tourists in the territory of Armenia VivaCell-MTS offers to stay in touch with loved ones. “Distant Call” service enables you to make international calls at more affordable prices, just by dialing the prefix 77 before the destination phone number in the international format. The number should be dialed in the following order: 77 00 [country code] [phone number].


This type of service is available for calls to the following list of countries:

Per second charging applies.

VivaCell also offers tariffs for international calls. To make an international call, dial:

+ (country code) (region/network code) (local number), or
00 (country code) (region/network code) (local number)

From Armenia to Georgia, you can call 110 AMD per minute (20 cents), Azerbaijan – 63 AMD/minute (12 cents), Kazakhstan – 120 AMD/minute (23 cents), Belarus – 123 AMD/minute (24 cents), Ukraine – 180 AMD per minute (34 cents).

From Armenia to Europe you can call on 4 zones. The first zone includes the following countries; Austria, Albania, Andorra, Belgium, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Vatican, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Iceland, Spain, Italy, Kosovo (Serbia), Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovakia, Turkey, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Croatia, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden. During peak hours (07:00 – 23:00) you can call 344 AMD/minute (66 cents), for other hours (23:00 – 07:00) 301 AMD/minute (58 cents).

To the second zone countries (Estonia) you can call 290 AMD/minute (56 cents) during peak hours, and 203 AMD/minute (39 cents) for other hours.

To the third zone countries (Latvia, Lithuania) you can call 208 AMD/minute (40 cents) during peak hours, and 182 AMD/minute (35 cents) for other hours.

To the fourth zone countries (Cyprus) you can call 520 AMD/minute (1 euro) during peak hours, and 455 AMD/minute (87 cents) for other hours.

Check out the list tariffs on international calls from Armenia to those countries.

VivaCell mobile operator’s phone numbers begin with the following network codes: 0(93); 0(94); 0(77); 0(98). This information will help the tourist to monitor the balance on your account, because it wis necessary to distinguish whether you make a call within the network or outside the network (other operators). In the first case, the call will cost less than in the second case.
VivaCell offers tourists traveling for more than a month to get personal postpaid tariff packages:


«Personal» Tariff Plan 

For a monthly fee of AMD 7500 (14 euros), the tariff plan the tourist gets 7,500 minutes on-net airtime; 350 minutes of airtime per month to RA other, 374 97 GSM, 374 47 fixed networks as well as to Russia, USA and Canada. To use the embedded airtime for calls to Russia, US and Canada, the subscriber needs to make a call through the“Distant Call” service, otherwise the call will be chargeable. In addition to the tariff package includes 250 SMS to RA and 374 97 GSM networks per month as well as 2500 MB of Internet traffic per month

Using services beyond the package you will be charged according to the tariffs.

VivaCell MTS

Card Providing Terms

Fee for the connection – 1000 AMD

On the day of connecing tariff plan the subscriber must pay guarantee payment (7500 AMD). If the tourist is using the tariff package for 4 months, this amount is subtracted from the 4th month. If the tourist uses the plan for a month, the payment will be subtracted by the expiration of the date.


«City Talks» Tariff Plan

This tariff plan is more affordable for tourists as it includes less free minutes. For 5500 AMD (11 euro) monthly fee, tourist gets 3,000 on-net airtime, 150 airtime to RA other, 374 97 GSM, 374 47 fixed networks to Russia, US and Canada (minutes); 150 SSMS to RA GSM networks (SMS); 1500 MB of free internet.

Using services beyond the package you will be charged according to the tariffs.

Card Providing Terms
Fee for the connection – 500 AMD (less than 1 euro)
Guarantee deposit (subtracted from the 4th month) –  5500 AMD.

Purchase a SIM card

Touristа can buy SIM-card at the airport without any difficulty.

In order to purchase a SIM card in the city tourist should visit one of the offices of VivaCell. Tourist need to have only a passport. Note that the alien’s passport is not an obstacle for documentation.

The complete list of service centers of VivaCell is given below:

VivaCell MTSVivaCell MTS
VivaCell MTS
You can get to any service center of Vivacell by renting a can in Yerevan.



ArmenTel Mobile Communications Operator

ArmenTel offers tourists convenient tariff plans for keeping in touch with loved ones. The numbers of Armentel operator starts with codes 0(91) 0(99) 0(43). So, if you travel to Armenia from Russia, this tariff plan is designed for you:

Rusastanyan 20 and Rusastanyan 35


“Rusastanyan 35” and “20 Rusastanyan” services offer tourists the opportunity make unlimited international calls to Beeline mobile network in Russia and fixed networks in Russia as per lower tariff for a monthly fee within 30 days from the moment of service activation.

“Rusastanyan 35” service offers to pay 500 drams per month and make international calls for 35 AMD/minute (7 cents). The subscriber can connect to the service by dialing *0053# code (disconnection command *0051#).

“Rusastanyan 20” service offers to pay 1000 AMD per month and make calls for 20 AMD/ minute. The subscriber can connect to the service by dialing *0050# code (disconnection command *0051#).

When activated services “Rusastanyan 35” or “20 Rusastanyan” special rate applies to numbers that begin with the following codes:

In case there is enough money on the balance upon expiry of 30 days, the service is prolonged for another 30 days and corresponding monthly fee is charged for the service. In case with postpaid card the service is available permanently. If you turn off the service the bill will be provided according to the number of days that the service has been disabled.

“Armenian’s World”

For making an international call it is necessary to dial from mobile phone the number of destination subscriber in the following format:

*88* 00 (country code) (telephone number)

or 8800 (country code) (telephone number).

The service is activated automatically and provided in all international directions.

This code will give you the opportunity to call in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, Egypt, India, Spain for 89 AMD/minute (17 cents), in Belarus for 189 AMD/minute (36 cents), in Italy for 99 AMD/minute (19 cents), in Georgia for 149 AMD/min (29 cents).

Check out the complete list of countries with codes and prices below. 


Account for international calls, made via «Armenians’ World» service, will be included in subscriber’s total bill for telephone communication use, and at subscriber’s discretion call openings can be provided where all the calls made via this service will be indicated separately.


How to pay


“Universal Payment Card” is the easiest way to fill up your balance. Just buy one of Beeline prepaid cards of any value, and activate it. The values of cards are 500, 1000, 2500, 5000, 10000, 20000 drams (€ 1, € 2, € 5, € 10, € 20, € 40).

Online payment

Go to the “Online Payment” service and enter the phone number without spaces or any other characters: phone number in 8-digit format (for example: 9XXXXXXX).



Balance transfer

“Balance Transfer” allows subscribers of prepaid payment system to transfer money from one account to another Beeline subscriber through the following code: *145* [phone number] * [amount] #call. If the recipient is a subscriber of Beeline mobile network, the number is entered in the format *145*091xxxxxx*amount#, *145*099xxxxxx*amount#.


Tourist can also fill up the balance using TelCell the largest payment system of Armenia. They are located in almost all supermarkets of the city. You just need to find “Armentel” in the list of services, dial your phone number, the amount and enter the amount and take the bill. Sometimes the payment is not counted. Check out the commissions for payment for each mobile operator.

2015-11-30 12-59-18 Скриншот экрана


In newsstands

You can fill up your balance quickly and without commissions in newsstands. You just need to tell you phone number to salesman and the amount you want to be filled. Within seconds, your balance will be filled. There may be problems with Armenian language so you can simply write down your phone number and give to salesman.


In Beeline Service Centers

You can fill up your balance as well as buy a SIM card in the sales and service centers of ArmenTel. Check out the complete list of Office Addresses here

You can buy Sim card with the usual number for 1,000 drams (2 euros).

ArmenTel service area map coverage and a 2G network

If being in Armenia you are going to travel to the mountains, you do not have to worry about coverage. ArmenTel is always with you.

Beeline coverage


Ucom-Armenia Mobile Communications Operator

Ucom Armenia operator’s phone numbers begin with the code 0(55), 0(41) or 0(95). However, according to the latest news, mobile operators of Armenia made a decision to switch from one company to another without changing the previous number. That is, if you happen to call the number with the code of Ucom, but you will be extra charged, therefore, the party, keeping his number, has switched to another operator, for example, VivaCell.

ucom armenia


International calls


Ucom subscribers can activate and deactivate Roaming service by dialing *121# and hitting the call button free of charge and following the instructions on mobile.

ucom armenia

ucom-armeniaucom armenia

If you are a Ucom PrepayMonthly subscriptions , Business or U!Box subscriber you can activate International Minutes’ Bundles and talk to your preferred destination at more affordable rate.


International Minutes’ Bundles are charged by seconds. If the Bundle expires during a conversation, the call will not be interrupted and charging will continue from your balance.

You may buy only up to 3 International Minutes’ Bundles at the same time. Bundles cannot be used to make calls to international premium numbers.


* Countries included in Europe bundle are: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Rep, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.

International Video Call is available in test mode. Price for using that service is 2 000 AMD/min.

ucom armeniaucom-armeniaCheck out the full list of countries and the price per minute in these areas here.


Orange-Armenia service centers

To purchase a SIM card, tourists should visit one of the offices of Orange and choose a number. If you have any questions, you can use Orange mobile phone free service 055 000 555 or 060 655 555, or you can also ask your questions online at the company’s website or connet to them via Facebook.

To get to Orange service center you can rent a car in Yerevan, use public transport or walk there.


If you are from Russia. you can use either Ucom or VivaCell. Both operators offer 50 AMD/min tariff (10 cents).

Ucom offers the most optimal price for tourists from the USA – 10 AMD/min. 

For tourists from Georgia both VivaCell and Ucom have the same tariff – 110 AMD/min.

If you are from Italy or Germany, you should definitely use Ucom –  50 AMD/min.

If you are from Syria, it would be cheaper to use VivaCell –  50 AMD/min.

In case if you are from Iran you should use the services of ArmenTel. 

 Author: Balayan Laura


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