Hotels, Hostels and Apartments in Yerevan

Hotels, Hostels and Apartments in Yerevan

The first issue you will have after arriving to Yerevan is where you can stay. You have three options, there are hostels, hotels and rental apartments. We will try to present them, and which one you will choose depends on your ability and desire.

Lets start with hostels . Hostel is budget hotel, where tourists with little money can find a cheap shelter for a short time. Most of hostels are located at the center of the city or in a short minute walk from center. Most of the hostels in Yerevan has high rating on hostel booking website.  Hostel is cheap, price for one day in dorm room starts from 3000 dram, price for a private room starts from 5000 dram. We also recommend to booking room in advance.

Envoy hostel located in heart of Yerevan , in crossroads of Parpetsi and Pushkin streets, in few minute walk from major sights of Yerevan. Envoy is one of the most popular hostel in Yerevan. Envoy is a hostel with free Wi-Fi , breakfast included and wide choise of clean and comfortable rooms. There are also many pubs on Parpetsi and Pushkin streets. You can visit their website and read more about Envoy hostel.

Grammy hostel located in Mkhitar Heratsi street, near Yeritasardakan metro station, in 10 minutes walk from centre of the city. Grammy hostel also has own small garden where you can make barbeque, or just relax. You can also visit their website  and read more about  Grammy hostel.

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There are many hotels in Yerevan, as from one-star to five-star hotels. Hotels are located all over the city. The only international hotel chain presented in Armenia is Marriott and Hyatt, which is situated on the central Republic square of Yerevan and Royal Tulip at Abovyan street. Also Hilton hotel will be opened soon in Yerevan. Three-star hotel rate starts from 30000 dram per day. Five-star and four-star hotels room rate starts from 60000 dram per day.

Royal Tulip Grand Hotel Yerevan is one of the five-star hotels in Yerevan,  located on the Abovyan street close to Republic square. Royal Tulip has its own spacious spa area features a sauna, solarium and gym.  The Rossini restaurant located in the hotel . You can find superb choice of Mediterranean and Armenian dishes in Rossini restaurant. You can visit website of Royal Tulip Yerevan and read more about hotel.

North Avenue Hotel is four-star hotel located in pedestrian avenue in the centre of the city, among brand stores and restaurants. The hotel is suitable for business visits as well as for personal rest. You can visit website of North Avenue Yerevan Hotel and read more about categories of rooms and prices.

The third option is to rent an apartment in Yerevan. It will be difficult for apartment-hunting in Yerevan by yourself and therefore we recommend to ask for help your Armenian friends, if you have them or u can use websites like,, Your rental charge will be calculated daily or monthly. Apartments in the center are more expensive than in outskirts. An apartment with all amenities In the center of the city will cost about 20000 dram per day.

Now let’s consider Advantages and disadvantages of hostels , hotels and rental apartments.

So the main advantage of hostels are low prices, hostels are the cheapest kind of accommodation you can find in the city centre but be prepared for the lack of privacy and quiet, and you may not feel yourself comfortable. You must cook for yourself, although this can be a advantage for budget tourists. Hostel is a choice of them who don’t have much money and dont need much for cofortble living.

The main disadvantage of hotels are high prices, for budget tourists it is too expensive. But if you like cofortble living
hotel  is your only choice.Hotels will cost more than apartments or hostels. However, this will usually guarantee a cleaner room, a more comfortable bed, and more amenities, such as a hotel swimming pool, sauna, gyma and restauran.

The disadvantage of rental apartments is that it is difficult to find for out-of-towner, but it is the best option for price/comfort ratio and you can feel yourself like home.