Dilijan; piece of Paradise

Dilijan; piece of Paradise

Who said there is no paradise on earth? One of the pieces of paradise is located in Armenia, in the middle of dense forests. Dilijan is one of the most beautiful places in Armenia, where nature has been so generous. It is definitely worth to visit Dilijan, because words can’t describe its infinite beauty. You’d better see everything with your own eyes.

Dilijan is located in Tavush region at a distance of 100 km from Yerevan, at the gorge of Aghstev river, in the north – eastern part of Armenia, at an altitude of 1500 m above sea level. The city is surrounded with pine and oak forests and has the status of a mountain resort. The air is truly magical; the healing properties of pine, pure mountain air and mild climate is beneficial for health. In addition, there are mineral Dilijan sources with a unique composition of mineral water.

The town is small; central square is located on the right bank of Aghstev river. “Old Dilijan” with historical buildings is located on the right bank. District attracts for its architecture; attic, wooden doors and windows, etc. Here is recreated a traditional way of life; a bakery, a café with a unique interior design that was characteristic for the local architecture, souvenir shops and etc. From any point of the city you can see the beautiful view of the forests and mountains.

On the left bank of the river there is a resort area with hotels and sanatoriums.

Where to stay?

Dilijan is a popular resort and there are luxurious hotels and guest houses available. Hotels and guesthouses of all categories can be found at booking.com and TripAdvisor.


Old Dilijan Complex

If you want to see the culture and architecture of the old Dilijan you can stay in the Old Dilijan Complex. The complex includes a cozy guest house, restaurant with national cuisine and Ethnographic Museum. The interior and exterior of the complex is completely made in the style of the old city.



Hotel Villarest

Hotel Villarest

For those who appreciate comfort, we offer to spend holiday in Villarest complex, which offers modern rooms and cottages. Luxurious hotel is surrounded by the Dilijan National Park.



dilijan hotel

Resort Hotel Dilijan

For a family holiday we offer to visit Resort Hotel Dilijan, which offers all the necessary amenities for adults and children. Hotel also has a wellness center with massage rooms, sauna, gym and swimming pool.




What to see?

The historical past of the city attracts archaeologists. The most popular archaeological sites are Hrtanots and Golovin. Attractions of the area belong to the prehistoric period. The excavations are exhibited in the geological museum of the city.



After investigating the city you should visit the monasteries, which are located nearby Dilijan. Haghartsin is one of the most famous monasteries in Armenia dating back to 10-13 centuries. The monastery complex includes the Church of the Virgin, the royal tomb of the Bagratuni Dynasty, refectory, khachkars and the ruins of other buildings.



Another famous monastery Goshavank 12 is a 20-minute drive from Dilijan. Goshavank was one of the largest cultural center and served as a religious and educational role. On the territory of the monastery complex are 3 churches; Astvatsatsin, St. Gregory and Lusavorich. The complex also includes a library, a chapel, a cross-stones and the newly opened historical and architectural museum.

Lake Parz

Lake Parz

15 km from the city, at an altitude of 1400 meters is Lake Parz (2 hectares). The lake is located on the territory of Dilijan Reserve. The lake is surrounded by forests, and it is beautiful especially in autumn when the forest is filled with colors. The name  of lake means “clean, transparent,” and it is truly transparent and untouched.

Where to dine?

Like other cities of Armenia, Dilijan also has its unique cuisine. In order to appreciate national cuisie you should definitely visit the most popular restaurants in Dilijan.

Flying Ostrich by DolmamaFlying Ostrich by Dolmama

The restaurant is distinguished by its unique interior and atmosphere in general. The restaurant is located right on the bank of Aghstev river. In the spacious courtyard of the restaurant you can stroll and enjoy the beauty of the city. The interior is so colorful and interesting that inevitably you start to stare at the walls with original paintings. Only after looking through the menu you find a connection with the name of the restaurant. Flying Ostrich serves ostrich barbecue (ostriches are bred on farms Armenian). The restaurant also serves national dishes. By the way, if you like Flying Ostrich, we recommend to visit the restaurant Dolmama in Yerevan, which was the beginning of the original concept from the owner.

restaurant qesabQesab Restaurant

This is another excellent restaurant where you can try real Armenian food. The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor area, so that you will feel comfortable on any weather. The restaurant attracts with its reasonable prices.




Rudder pub Dilijan

Rudder pub Dilijan

If you want to spend an evening in a pub, then you should visit Rudder pub. This is the only pub in the city, but you will definitely have fun with friends.




How to get there?

The road to Dilijan is picturesque with steep mountain passes and tunnels. You can take a public transport or taxi from Yerevan to Dilijan from the Central Bus Station. If you like comfort, you can rent a car in Yerevan and take a small tour around Tavush region.

dilijan map

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