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Motorcycles in Armenia

No other form of transport can beat the feeling of riding a motorbike. You can travel large distances on a motorbike or just use it to have a short thrilling ride for fun. Around the world motorbikes are also used to carry goods. But now motorbikes are not popular types of transport in Yerevan. Armenians […]

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Hotels, Hostels and Apartments in Yerevan

The first issue you will have after arriving to Yerevan is where you can stay. You have three options, there are hostels, hotels and rental apartments. We will try to present them, and which one you will choose depends on your ability and desire. Lets start with hostels . Hostel is budget hotel, where tourists with little […]

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Public Transport in Armenia

Yerevan is the the capital of Armenia and city with the highest population. This city has a long history ,the first settlement appeared there in 8 century BC. All main places of interest in yerevan are located in the centre of the city,so it will be easy to find them. The most significant of them […]

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