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WCIT2019 Yerevan

WCIT2019 in Yerevan with Kim Kardashian

The general world IT event will take place in Yerevan on 6-9 October – WCIT2019 Yerevan. WCIT is the largest IT conference of the world. It generally has 3000 participants from all over the world. Intel, Microsoft, Facebook, Google and other tech giants participate to this exhibition every year. This is a unique opportunity to […]

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Where to taste best Coffee in Yerevan

For coffee addicts, Yerevan is an ideal place; coffee for Armenians is more than an invigorating drink. This is a whole ceremony: friends and family do love to gather and discuss business or just talk with a cup of coffee. No wonder why there are so many cosy coffee shops in Yerevan. If you are also [...]
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Shoushi; Tragic fate and revival

The city – fortress of Shoushi has always been a part of historical Armenia. The city was a cultural and religious center of one of the Armenian provinces of Artsakh and was of great importance for the whole country. The rich history of Shoushi is sometimes forgotten in the light of events over the past […]

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Interesting Monuments in Yerevan

The capital of Armenia Yerevan is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities with a lot of interesting monuments and sculptures. Walking through the streets of Yerevan you can see unique pieces, which have no less interesting history. Our little excursion will take you along the streets of Yerevan exploring the most interesting monuments and […]

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Armenian National Dances

Caucasian dances are extremely temperamental; the passion is transmitted by waves to spectators and to dancers. Armenian national dances are truly temperamental, the dances highlight the indestructible spirit of Armenians. The history of Armenian dances is as old, as Armenia and no less interesting. Today we will try to tell the history of Armenian dances in […]

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Popular Armenian Rock Bands

Rock started gaining popularity in 60s’ and today the first generation grown up on rock, is now bringing up a new generation in the spirit of rock. Armenia is a cultural country, it respects jazz and rock, reveres the best traditions of classical rock while offering Armenian alternative rock. We will try get you acquainted with […]

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Interesting Cafes in Yerevan

Yerevan is an interesting city; architecture, people, traditions and life itself flows in a different rhythm. Walking around the city you can find very interesting places where experiments and non-standard solutions are quite common. In such public places, strangers feel so comfortable, they get acquainted and simply have a good time. We would like to present you some […]

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Armenian Wedding Traditions

Every nation has its own wedding traditions, especially when it comes to such an ancient people as Armenians. Modern weddings, of course, differ from the traditional weddings of medieval Armenia, but there are several traditions that have survived to this day and are sacredly honored by the people. Taking part in the Armenian wedding is a […]

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Mount Ararat

Mount Ararat is the main symbol of Armenia, the dream and hope of all Armenians that one day Armenia will be reunited with its lost territory and regain its former glory. There is only 32 km that separate Armenia from its shrine, and every day the majestic mountain reminds us of our dream. Armenians also call […]

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Exciting gorges of Armenia

The nature of Armenia amazes with its diversity. It is impossible not to admire the mountains, forests and gorges of Armenia traveling along the roads of the country. Historical monuments and sights complement the beauty of nature making the whole picture. If you are a fan of hiking and active leisure, it’s time to take […]

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